Just got a 10" Dobesonian Reflector Telescope, Tips?

When I took it out last night, I made sure it was collimated, I left it out to acclimate to the temperature, but even with the 2x barlow lens, the stars seemed to be just as much pinpoints as they are to my regular vision. To be fair, my sight was not properly secured and aligned so I might not have been looking at my target(Jupiter). It was also not straight up in the sky, so there is light pollution.

Any tips on how to get the images of the planets I’ve seen taken with this reflector? Many of the videos I see talk about how to put the telescope together, and alignment but not on tips of how to make proper use of this massive telescope and the many lenses. Would go a long way towards proving to my mum that the planets exist.

@Steve_I is the dude to ask about this one! Our resident astrophotography rockstar!

@QFGlenn, so are we going to get a pic of your new toy? Don’t be stingy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol, not sure about rockstar but I do have a bit of telescope experience.

10 inch is a nice big mirror, lots of light grasp, should be brilliant for visual use.

Firstly Comet Neowise, low in the North after dark, should get a lovely view. Over the next few days Jupiter hit opposition with Saturn close by, a 10 inch Dob is perfect for planets. If you can get a clear view South after dark both Jupiter and Saturn are quite low on the horizon so will suffer a bit from atmospheric distortion but should still be good visually. The moon will also look stunning, always worth checking out the moon every now and again.

I would suggest a mobile app like Star Walk 2 or SkEye or even Google Sky Map. One of these will help you find what’s in your sky. Make sure your finder scope is well calibrated to the main scope, with a Dobsonian and manual movement having the finder set up correctly makes things a bit easier.

Not sure if you have slack access or are on patreon, happy to chat about things directly if you want. Things like collimation, filters (for light pollution if you are near a town/city), different eyepieces etc can all expand what you can see.

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Hi @QFGlenn, put some info replying to NCPs post. Stars will always be pin ponts,

As per below Jupiter is very low to the South at the moment, depends where you are in the world but here in the UK is rises in the SE at about 22:00, by midnight it is at it’s highest point, due South but only 15 degrees above the horizon.

Start with a widefield eyepiece, maybe 25-30mm and once you have found target start bringing the mag up with smaller eyepieces (8-10mm) and maybe add the barlow in to get in really close. Bear in mind the more mag the faster the target will move through you field of view.

Is it a goto Dobsonian or manual i.e. will it track with motors? For images you will need a camera, several options there, can advise if you need.

Right, I am off to try and get some images of Comet Neowise !! :slight_smile:

Happy to help with any advice.

Here’s a link to my Flickr with some of my pics, only been doing the imaging a year, can be a bit addictive, and expensive :wink:


Clear Skies

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it’s an orion xt10plus

Thanks for the advice. I bought the Celestron 1.25 eyepiece kit with the filters hope they help in the weeks to come I’ll post anything I can that looks nice!

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That’s some heavy ASTRO artillery you’ve got there!

Very nice!

Looking forward to some pics!

Not a lot in my sky right now but I got a great shot of the moon!

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Sorry for the delay, really nice image @QFGlenn, great to see you getting to grips with that light bucket :slight_smile: . And so your journey begins !! :smiley:


One thing I noticed about this thing is that I need to find a seat that suits the size of it. It doesn’t have any smart base so I aim it all myself, but the eyepiece is juuuust high enough that I can’t sit comfortably in the chair with my eye resting on the eyepiece.

Any advice? Anyone out there recommend a telescope friendly chair?

Hi Glenn,

I have never bought one myself but there are quite a few options out there that fit the bill, it is a common issue getting comfortable observing with a Dob.

Have a look at these to give you an idea:

Hope that helps.


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