Mars at it's brightest, 6" and 10" dobesonian, Southern CA 10-09-2020

Absolutely thrilled to be sharing this with you.

I took my 10" dobesonian reflector out first, I was being greedy, wanting to get to the action right away. I still haven’t bought my astronomy chair so I was cradling my reflector, bending down, moving ever so slightly up and down and sweeping the area I thought would contain Mars. I got distracted trying to photo an out of focus star(i wasn’t sure what it was and wanted to ask you all) when I decided hey let’s try the easy route and bring out the 6" reflector. Almost immediately, I was able to intuitively guide the scope to the right place and an out of focus Mars sent electricity up and down my spine, so out of focus it looked like an explosion. As I tightened up my eyepiece a beautiful bright red dot, I cant describe the thrill.

I immediately jumped to the 10" and after zooming completely out and a few sweaty moments of aligning and adjusting it crossed my lens. I just about jumped out of my shoes, and carefully moved the large scope to put Mars at the right side of the lens. I zoomed in as far as I could, and took some pictures and video I’d like to share here.
Screenshot_20201009-003434_Gallery Screenshot_20201009-003429_Gallery
I can’t directly link my video here but here’s a link to a tweet containing it.

I was just about to bust out the 2x barlow lens but the clouds began to roll in and ruin my fun.

Additional question to anyone who read this far, are there some stars that just can’t be brought into focus, or was I just missing something because there was one star that just stayed that milky eye shape to me no matter how I had it focused…

Thanks for your time, thanks for reading.

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