Space from a suburban back garden

Thought I would post my latest batch of images to the forum. These were all taken in the last ten days, with my Comet Neowise image taken in between. We have IC 1848, the Soul Nebula. M31, the Andromeda Galaxy and finally NGC 281, the Pacman Nebula.



Jupiter with red spot visible. 30/7/20.

My new toy :smiley:

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Oh, oh yeah!!!

Can’t wait to seem some of the fruit this thing bears! Very nice @Steve_I

Don’t be stingy with the pics now, ya hear!?

First light with the new tube last night. Not a great session, bit rushed in setting up. Used 2 minute exposures which were too long (wasn’t guiding) so had to drop over half the exposures. But this gives an idea of what the 200mm aperture can do.

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Extraordinary, as always. Keep them coming @Steve_I.


Well weather has been superbly poop in the UK at night for a long while. No opportunities to get out properly so here’s one I prepared earlier…

Messier 81, Bodes Galaxy and Messier 82, the Cigar Galaxy.

They are both about 12 million light years away. To give that a bit of scale, if the distance from the Sun to Earth was 1 inch, these two galaxies would still be just over 19 million miles away.

Another amazing shot of just a tiny piece of our mysterious universe. Keep them coming @Steve_I
Well done! :clap:

I have no idea what I am doing but given that somehow three people have subscribed to my Youtube channel I thought I should give them something to watch.


Latest batch of images from the last couple of weeks, we finally have some clear skies back in the UK just in time for me to head off on holiday next week ! :slight_smile:

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Wow… More amazing work from @Steve_I

I’m calling it now… When the website and this forum is “officially” launched, I have a gut feeling this thread is going to be at the very top in popularity.

Holiday and cloud putting a damper on things for the last few weeks again. Managed to grab a few hours for this one, IC1318 “Sadr” nebula complex in Cygnus.

Hoping for a few clear nights over the next week or two to get some better work done on Mars, opposition on the 13th October, closest Mars gas been to earth for 15 years or so.

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When I saw Mars last night I was really personally blown away, but looking at your footage… I really am just an amateur.

My entire case of celestron lenses and filters, I still don’t think I could match the quality of these pictures. Is it because yours is steadier, or motorized? Was your camera directly attached to the eyepiece? What’s your secret? Also, how wide is that scope in your picture? I bought a 10" and I can’t get anything that clear, it seems :frowning: LOVE your footage though!!!

Hi @QFGlenn, lots of questions !! :slight_smile:

So, I have a belt driven HEQ5 equatorial mount, so that helps with tracking and getting longer exposures, I also use guiding usually so that helps allow 5+ minute exposures on deep sky stuff.

I have a couple of dedicated astronomy camera’s that connect directly to the telescope, so they replace the eyepiece. The telescope in the pic is an F5 200mm Newtonian, so 1000mm focal length. Most of my deep sky stuff was done using a 73mm Refractor I have had since last year, the Newt is a new addition the the collection :slight_smile:

That 10" dobby of yours is a nice big aperture and superb for visual, you should be able to do some planetary but deep sky stuff needs a motorized EQ really.

Check out this article, might give you some idea’s on how to get some planetary images with your scope. Taking a video and then stacking using some free software is the key !! :wink:

Had a couple of clear nights this week so I had a quick go at Mars again. Getting a little better with planets.

Hope to see you get similar or even better soon @QFGlenn!

Unfortunately talking with Orion they told me they don’t sell the motorized mounts seperate, and that there was no way for me to modify my existing scope to be motorized. Which is unfortunate because it was like 800$

Your shots look absolutely amazing Steve, I love seeing them. Even though I couldn’t get the shots, at least I got to see it with my bare eye, just like newton did 400 years ago

I haven’t used one, but maybe something like this is the way to go to start with.

Might be a bit fiddly to get set up but hopefully it will give you a stable enough platform with a mobile phone to take pics and do videos.

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Last nights effort, can do better but it was nice to get a good night of clear sky.