View from the tail camera of an A380 at 41,000 feet

I found this picture recently that I took of sunrise whilst heading due East on my flight out to Singapore last December to view the annular eclipse. The image was taken of the on-board media screen that also allows you to see the view from various camera’s mounted externally to the aircraft.

Seems to me a clear indication of a curve, no matching distortion of the A380’s wings so no “fish-eye” lens in use. The curve only appears on the horizon.

I wonder what reasons would be dreamt up to dismiss what I think is reasonable, convincing evidence of the globe that anyone prepared to jump on an A380 could see??

It is totally convincing to me. Of course, my eyes are not flat.

It has been pointed out that there’s a lot of fisheye curve there, so that’s probably the reason. Was cool to see the sun rise on the nose of the plane though :slight_smile: