Why I think the earth is a globe

I’m no scientist or astronomer, just a regular guy with a basic understanding of physics. I’ll probably write some silly or wrong things, if so I welcome corrections and further insights. Anyway, after watching the “Flat Earth is Black Swans all the Way Down!” video I was asking myself, what can I see with my own eyes that proves the earth isn’t flat? Where is my own proof? Here’s what I came up with.

  1. Sunrises/sunsets and time zones. If the earth was flat and the sun somehow circled above it, why does the sun rise or set at all? I should be able to see it at all times and it should never go beyond the horizon. If the sun was instead circling around a flat earth, we should not have time zones at all, sunrise/sunset should happen at the same time world wide. I cannot think of a flat earth model that adequately explains both sunrise/sunset and time zones.

  2. The nearest distance from the Dutch coast where I live and the English coast is 442 km (275 miles), and apart from an occasional ship or oil rig there is nothing in between but water, which every flat earther will insist does not curve at all. If this is so and “we see too much”, why can I not see something as big as England? (And let’s not go into what it should look like on a concave earth…) Instead we can barely see the tops (and only the tops) of the cliffs of Dover on a good day from Calais in France, a distance of only 32 km.

  3. On that topic, if the earth was flat, elevation should not matter in how much of the surface I can see. I should always be able to see the maximum distance unless something physically blocked my line of sight. Yet we all know that if I am higher up I can see more of the earth’s surface. As far as I know, this can only be explained if I am on a curved surface, i.e. a globe.

  4. All my life, the moon always shows the same side, no matter from where or when I look at it, for example it looks the same from the US when I was there as it does from the Netherlands. If the moon is nearby and circling above the earth like flat earthers say, I should be able to see different sides of it depending on my angle of view. And just like the sun in point 1, if the moon is hovering above a flat surface I should be able to see it at all times, it should never go below the horizon at all.

And there you have it, my own personal proof for thinking the earth is a globe.

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That was an excellent summary of things you see with your own eyes.

Just yesterday I had an epiphany about time of day and daylight savings. This applies to places that adjust for DST. In the Northern Hemisphere, they “spring forward” and “fall back”. In the southern hemisphere, it is the opposite. They move forward in the fall and back in the spring.

Interesting point about DST @dbemery

I’ll have to remember that one…